The Rural Tourism “Ai Vecchi Crateri” lies at the foot of the Volcano, dipped into the park of Etna and framed by age-old hazel and awesome chestnut trees.

The name “Ai Vecchi Crateri” originates from the suggestive path that will lead you to the craters which are famous for the eruption of 1928, now inactive but still wonderful to look at. The renovated farmhouse from the nineteenth century will let you live in atmosphere of peace and relax in a rustic setting, extremely comfortable and informal where time seems to stand still.

Located at 1000 mt. on sea level, the rural tourism “Ai Vecchi Crateri” is placed between Mascali and Sant’Alfio (CT), strategic location if you like excursions, has an amazing view that goes from taormina to the gulf of Catania, from the coasts of Calabria to the beaches of Siracusa.